Eric MacIntosh

Dr. Eric MacIntosh is a Professor of Sport Management at the University of Ottawa in Canada, Dr. MacIntosh researches and teaches on various organizational behavior topics covering concepts such as culture, leadership, satisfaction and socialization. His principal research interests delve into the functioning of the organization and how creating a favorable culture can transmit positively internally and outwardly into the marketplace.

Dr. Eric MacIntosh has consulted and conducted research with many prominent national and international sport organizations (e.g., Commonwealth Games Federation, Right to Play, Youth Olympic Games). He is well published in leading peer-reviewed sport management journals and a member of several prominent editorial boards. He is also the co-editor of International Sport Management and co-author of Organizational Behavior in Sport Management

Guess who got to meet his favourite player?

@TheJudge44 makes time to meet the fan who was brought to tears by the kindness of a stranger, and the man who made it happen



AthletesCAN, COC AC, CPC AC release joint statement following meeting with Minister @PascaleStOnge_; announce Canadian Athlete Assembly


#AthleteVoice | #TheCollective

The 2026 Commonwealth Games are heading to... Victoria! 💚💛

Alongside @VicGovDJPR and @CommGamesAus, Victoria 2026 will be the first regional Games, utilising a multi-city model to create a legacy for the whole of the region.

Find out more ⬇️

#CommonwealthSport | #Vic2026CG

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