Kyle Rich

Kyle Rich

Assistant Professor, Department of Recreation & Leisure Studies,
Brock University

Research interests include community sport development, rural community development, social inclusion/exclusion in sport and recreation, as well as participatory and action-oriented approaches to research.






More exciting deliveries today! The #StateofRuralCanada Report - hot off the press!

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Check this out: The story of @BrockRECL strategic planning process. Was a pleasure working with Blue Mark Management Consultants on this!

@BrockUniversity @BrockFAHS @eksharpie

The throne speech: Inflation crowds out the agenda — and could for years to come via @ConversationCA

Vote for which LGBTQ2+ National Monument you would like to see in downtown Ottawa! 5 concepts to choose from! Voting open until November 28th:

Why do so many of us CBC reporters speak like this lol 😭 it has taken me years to try and knock this voice out of me and I still do it when I’m nervous like WHY??

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