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Research Briefs & Dissemination

Canadian NSOs' Governance: Landscape Study

Dr. Parent and colleagues' study offers the first landscape understanding of Canadian National Sport Organizations' (NSOs) governance, branding/brand governance, and social media realities in over 30 years.

Increasing Distinction in Para Sport Event Management

Dr. Laura Misener's work considers the various aspects of managing a mega-event that includes para athletes, in relation to the concept of distinction, highlighting both the opportunities and challenges of ensuring that para sport athletes’ needs and desires are appreciated and valued.


Leveraging Participation in New Sport Opportunities

Dr. Potwarka’s study examines the impact of presenting vouchers to spectators attending elite-track cycling competitions to test whether they would participate in the sport.


Coming of Age with Relative Age Research

Dr. Dixon's work examines the phenomenon known as relative age effect, which tends to advantage the oldest individuals in a cohort and disadvantages their younger peers.


Building Capacity in Community Sport Organizations

Dr. Millar and Dr. Doherty's work investigates the factors that facilitated and hindered the process of capacity building in community sport organizations.


A Positive Environment for Volunteer Coaches: The Role of Psychological Contract

Dr. Harman and Dr. Doherty's work examines volunteer coaches' psychological contract as a useful strategy to support a positive coaching environment to promote volunteer retention.


Sponsorship as a means of raising funds for local sport participation opportunities

Dr. Eddy's study examines participant perceptions towards brands that have partners with grassroots sport organizations.


A Call to Action to Support Women’s Sport

In response to the folding of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL), Dr. Katie Lebel penned a piece in The Star calling for collective action that is needed to craft a culture that not only supports women’s hockey but celebrates and values its contributions.

Taking Action: Community Sport Organizations and Social Responsibility

Dr. Katie Misener's research demonstrates how and why community sport organizations are expanding their scope to take on social action, and the impact of their efforts within the organization.

Ensuring Safe Sport in Canada

Dr. Doherty is leading an interdisciplinary project that seeks to identify the factors that facilitate or present barriers to concussion awareness and removal from play.