Shannon Kerwin

Dr. Shannon Kerwin teaches and conducts research in the areas of organizational behavior and human resource management in sport. Specifically, Dr. Shannon Kerwin has looked at how personal and organizational values align to enhance important organizational outcomes, the role of conflict in the effectiveness of volunteer boards of directors, and how leadership is developed and fostered within the context of team/organizational culture.




As girls enter adolescence, their overall sports participation rates ↘️by 22% (Solutions Research Group, 2014). Dr. Dawn Trussell and Dr.@ShannonKerwin1
(@BrockUniversity ), Research Co-Leads on sports participation of our scientific committee will work on this topic.#research

It is Gender Equity Wednesday. Challenge your UNCONSIOUS BIAS: read about the different types and acknowledge how one might impact your decisions.

Proud of my man @tsnjamesduthie on the success of his book of amazing & hilarious short stories from the hockey world called “Beauties”.

A nice personal note in my copy capped off with a zinger (disguised as joke) that I better step up my game on the golf course next year... 😐

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