Katie Lebel

Dr. Katie Lebel is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Marketing Management. Her research is focused in the area of sports marketing, with a particular interest in digital media and the marketing and promotion of women’s sport. A former NCAA Division I athlete, Katie earned her Ph.D. at The University of Western Ontario. She began her academic career at St. John’s University in New York City and joined the Ted Rogers School of Management faculty in 2016.




Yesterday was a historic day for the @WNBA 🏀

@nikebasketball released 3⃣new designs for each team and the reveal ERUPTED on social media...

There were over 17K posts, 646K engagements, and 69 MILLION impressions about the drop 👀

Which one is your fave?


The top four social media rankings for #ncaaW tournament teams - the total value of the impressions and engagements ranged from roughly $1m to well over $2m. Invest. In. Women. Athletes. Immediately.
Via @Zoomph

The reward for those of us who have studied this for decades is seeing mainstream media waking up to the economic value and unrealized potential. Women’s sports can do at least one thing men’s can’t, experts say: Get bigger https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2021/04/01/womens-sports-growth-ratings-business/?tid=ss_tw

Women's final four sales were up more than 70% this year over 2019 per @Fanatics-yet there are 231 championship branded merch options for @BaylorMBB fans prominently featured on their website and just 18 championship items for @StanfordWBB fans, practically hidden #investinwomen

4.1 million viewers for the 2021 @ncaawbb Championship game between @ArizonaWBB & @StanfordWBB

☑️ Most-viewed #NationalChampionship since 2014
☑️ Most-viewed #WFinalFour weekend since 2012
☑️ Most-viewed Sweet 16 since 2013

More: http://bit.ly/3urRXi3 | #ncaaW

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