Katie Lebel

Dr. Katie Lebel is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Marketing Management. Her research is focused in the area of sports marketing, with a particular interest in digital media and the marketing and promotion of women’s sport. A former NCAA Division I athlete, Katie earned her Ph.D. at The University of Western Ontario. She began her academic career at St. John’s University in New York City and joined the Ted Rogers School of Management faculty in 2016.




We need your help.

The internet prioritises male athletes in our search results, even when the facts put women first.

That’s not right.

Together we can fix it.

Help us correct the internet to make sportswomen more visible.


“The Fastest-Growing Audiences on TV are for Women’s Sports” @forbes



Women’s sports are the start-ups of the sports industry.

The global sports market is expected to grow to $700B by 2026 - and women’s sports have some of the highest rates of growth in sports right now.

Anyone looking to make future money in sports should be investing in women.

“Now it's time to actually make an impactful difference here in Canada" 👏🇨🇦

Canadian soccer icons @sincy12 and @dmatheson8 announce that a professional women’s soccer league in Canada, featuring eight teams, will launch in 2025 ⚽️

Full story: http://cbc.ca/1.6664762

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